Democratic Party Fascism: 2020 Edition

Also published at Dissident Voice and, Dec. 18th 2020

Now that Joe Biden will be America’s next president, it might be worthwhile to take a closer look at some of the choices for his cabinet, White House staff, and national security positions. There are some real crazies here, as we shall see. As we dig deeper and deeper, what emerges is a network of people whose views can quite literally be defined as fascist. This is not to deny that in many ways Trump and his administration were worse than many of these officials profiled below. What is noteworthy is that Biden’s team of imperialists is potentially more competent at wielding power and using the machinery of empire; or the national security state as it’s sometimes called, to further the genocidal and ecocidal agendas of US foreign policy, by advocating for more disastrous “interventions” abroad.

Again, to reiterate, I am in no way arguing that Republicans are the better choice. In fact, the Democrat foreign policy agenda is slightly better, but that is not saying much. The point is that both parties are two sides of the same coin in support of capitalism and empire, and that Democrats harbor many of the same fascist ideas as their Republican colleagues; they are simply better at hiding it and are more subtle about their intentions. The point of this essay is to expose that Democrats are also culpable in advancing neo-fascist ideology and there are many more similarities than differences between the parties. It’s slightly painful to have to point this all out, but the abysmal political discourse and low level of critical thinking, the polarization of politics, and the reactivity of those who think about politics as binary choices between good and evil leads to the inevitable “you’re criticizing x; you must be a supporter of y”. Just because this essay focuses on Democrats does not mean the same problems don’t also apply to Republicans.

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Nobody for President: Voting Legitimizes a Fraudulent Democracy

Published online at Dissident Voice Oct. 9th, 2020

By Jason Holland and William Hawes

Here’s a bit of food for thought about why you should not, we repeat, should not, vote for anyone in November. Now, unlike the rabid pro-voters, there is no intention on our part to “vote-shame” those that choose to vote. If you really feel that strongly about voting, that’s fine and that’s your prerogative, have at it. However, we think there are a number of valid reasons why one should not participate in yet another spectacle of presidential elections masquerading as democracy.

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Reason Bowl Podcast Episode 2: On Voting

Our second episode is up at This time Jason and I discuss why voting is a pointless and futile endeavor in our oligarchic system of governance. We explain why the US has never been and is not a democracy, and why continuing to put hope in each election cycle distracts our society from the deeper work that is needed. The episode title is “Nobody for President: Voting Legitimizes a Fraudulent Democracy”.

As we get started with more podcasts we just want to say thank you to our listeners. Please consider sharing our content online and passing the word to anyone you think would enjoy our episodes. We encourage feedback (in the comments here, through our emails) and we’d like to know what you thoughts are, and any topics or even guests who might be interesting or that we haven’t heard of.

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Reason Bowl Podcast: Climate Change and the Possibility of Near-Term Collapse

Hey everybody, myself and Jason Holland of have started a podcast series. You can find it directly on his site and also at The episode should be up and running on all the various apps (Soundcloud, Apple, etc) within a few days as well. Going forward we are aiming to do this semi-regularly and will have special guests on as well.

In this episode we discuss global warming and whether the collapse of various societies is realistic within the near-term. What drew our intention to this was an important piece by Robert Hunziker in Dissident Voice, “The Sky is Falling, Yes or No?”, here. He discusses an essay published by, entitled: “The Faulty Science, Doomism, And Flawed Conclusions Of Deep Adaptation”. ScientistWarning critiques Jem Bendell’s influential essay “Deep Adaptation” and we debate the likelihood of collapse and the obvious flaws in ScientistsWarning’s arguments.

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